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Monkey Bag 3.jpgOk, so Grant and I definitely owe some Egypt pictures. Sadly, we haven't gotten off our butts to get them posted. In the interim, I've decided to give you a sneak peek to tide you over. Here you find me having a drink and soaking up the beauty that was the view from our hotel in Sharm-El-Sheikh.

Keep in mind the only reason this picture is posted is because it's one of three I entered into the Knitty contest. The other two are very similar, as we took them all on our balcony that day. Sadly, I didn't take pictures of the bag at any of the monuments, so instead my entries will be Monkeys in Paradise. I've got my fingers crossed that I win, the grand prize of knitting books and a yarn sampler sounds lovely.



Marcos said:

well, you are sure slow in posting, get to finish the job, pretty soon I am going to see you guys and things will not be finished, good luck.

Christina said:

Can't. Wait. Much. Longer. Must. See. Egypt. Photos.

(Thanks for giving us a tease with the Monkeys in Paradise. I hope you win a prize!)

~ Christina

Sara said:

What a fab photo! My fingers are crossed for you.

spinnity said:

Very lovely contest entry! Blue glass, blue ocean, blue edging on monkey purse. Definitely monkeys in paradise. I hope you win it all!

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