I Love the SP Game!

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I got my first package from my most wonderful secret pal, Stella, yesterday. It had all sorts of great goodies in it. I've taken pictures of it, and of my recent FOs, but didn't get to post them last night. I'll try and get the pictures up tonight though.

In the meantime my goodies were:
- Lorna's Laces Sock Yarn in Motherload
- Handmade Beaded Stitch Markers
- Rock Candy Making Kit
- Lindt Chocolates (which remind me of Renee)
- A Lovely Yellow Sunflower Card

I'm so happy with these goodies, it's like Stella read my mind! I'll be picking up some needles on Wed so I can start my socks, I've never made socks, so this should be fun to try. I really liked making the little stockings and I'd imagine this is rather similar.

The beaded stitch markers are already being put to good use on the sweater that started it's life as Tempting, as I just attached the sleeves to the body. I say started it's life as I'm thinking I'm just not an off the shoulders sort of girl (thanks to some obvious 'assests') and it needs to have some sort of other top half. I've added long sleeves, so it's already rather far off from the original design. We'll see how it winds up. I'm waffling between v-neck and mock turtle.

I'll have to let you know how the rock candy making goes, I'm thinking that's a project for the weekend. The Lindt will be enjoyed as needed throughout the week. I say it reminds me of Renee because she gave me some years ago as a gift and it was the first time I'd had it. How funny that I've been friends with her so long I can't even quite remember which holiday/birthday/event it was.

So I've got to say that I'm really loving this secret pal game, it's so nice to send and receive gifts. All those cute and random things you might not stop to get for yourself, but you love to have. Now, off to work on that gift I'm giving... Can't tell you more, as I can't reveal my identity to my pal until November. That's why you'll notice some gaps in my FO pictures, they were objects for my pal and will be filled in after I reveal myself.



Mel said:

Oh, that's a great color too! You'll have to cast on and catch up though, I'm doing toe-up and I'm half way up the foot already. :)

spinnity said:

Wow, nice secret pal haul! It's a good reminder of how fun it is to buy little nifties for others. And, thanks to Cookie, I just some surprise Lorna's Laces myself.. Mine is color 403, Tuscanny. Maybe we can sock it togehter

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