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Gift From SP.jpgAs promised, here you see the lovely goodies I got from my SP, they're just wonderful. Thank you again Stella!

As I have little to say today (I know, it's hard to imagine) I'll throw out some pictures of my last 2 FOs that I can show (the others were made for my SP, so I can't show them yet).

Carries_Scarf.JPGThis is the Fisherman's Rib scarf I made for my sister, I love the colorway on this Noro.

Jakes_Jacket.JPGThis is the one skein of Fingerpaints jacket I made for baby Jake. I love the little blue buttons I found at Fengari's.

And if you're still looking to see more pictures, check out the gallery, I've put up the very abridged Best of Egypt pictures.



spinnity said:

The buttons look wonderful on the Fingerpaints sweater! They stand out just a little while picking up the brightest blue. And I love the scarf! I hope you'll bring some of these FO's to Meetup on Wednesday!

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