Do You Think I Have a Favorite Color?

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Here's a shot of my latest binge at Fengari. It's all just so yummy, I can't wait to use it. But, I'm restraining myself, because I have too many UFOs as it is, and I've got too much holiday knitting to do. So I'll just sit and stare at it's beauty instead. Okay, and maybe pet it a little too, that alpaca silk is awfully soft. Even Fish says he likes it, and we know he's picky.

Red  Yarn.jpg



My friend and I were just talking over this issue, she's normally wanting to prove me completely wrong! I will show her this write-up and rub it in a little!

Rebecca said:

Look, there it is! I can remember exactly how soft it is. Hmmm, still thinking about that yummy sweater they had knitted up in the store...

spinnity said:

I guess green. No, blue. No.. yellow. Pink?

Lovely photo and very nice of fish to help out in the yarn-petting portion of our show. :-)

Christina said:

Yummy! So pretty.

~ Christina

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