Happy Knitaversary to Me

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It was one year ago today that I first picked up the knitting needles, knit a few rows on some scrap yarn and cast on for my first scarf. Since then I've managed to knit up some 50 or so odds and ends. It's been a lot of fun picking up a new hobby and making some great new friends in the process. I can't wait to see what the next year of knitting will bring!



Rebecca said:

You are indeed an over-achiever in the knitting universe! Happy knitaversary, girl!

spinnity said:

Jinkies, bat girl! One year? 50 objects? You are amazing. It's been so much fun knitting with you this past year and getting to spend way more time together!

Sara said:

Hurray! Happy knitting!

Christina said:

Happy knitversary! I'm so glad you did pick up those needles because if not I wouldn't have gotten to meet you. Happy knitting!

~ Christina

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