SP Loot Part 2

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At long last things have quieted down here and I'm finally able to show off the loot I received from my most wonderful upstream Knitty SP. Here in this beautiful photo, taken by my dearest husband, you see the wonders that arrived in the mail for me last week.

In a heavy brown box I found paper urging me to 'Open Me!' surrounded by festive orange and green tissue paper. The first thing that struck me as I peeled away the paper was the smell. Very strong and spicy, but I wasn't able to put my finger on it. Inside I discovered the sources of the smells. There was a bag of lavender, a wonderful bath bomb from a store in Tennessee and two candles, one coffee scented (yum, my favorite) and one ocean scented (a really great clean sort of smell, exactly what I love).

To go along with the things that smell lovely there were things that taste lovely. Namely Nutella (which I had every morning for breakfast when I was in Germany a couple years ago) and three tea packets. As you can see one of them I've already used (the jasmine, and it was quite good), but I still have the green tea and the Calming to try. The green and jasmine teas came in interesting wrappers with Asian writing all over them. I say Asian as I'm not sure from which country these teas originated. I'm guessing China, but I could be wrong.

The final two senses to be bathed in loveliness are sight and touch, though it's hard to say which one did better. According to the note that came with the package (in the adorable Chococat envelope), the theme for this gift was 'Alpaca Silk', in light of all the oohing and ahhing I was doing over my earlier splurge on that glorious red alpaca silk yarn I'm hording. Wow, my secret pal could not have done better in finding fabulous yarns for me.

First I'd like to say that this fall I'm in love with all the chocolate and turquoise color combos out there, and look at my package, filled with things that are chocolate and turquoise, too cool! Second, I finally get to try out Blue Sky Alpacas. I know of this yarn, but have never gotten to use it, so I'm thrilled. I think it will become some sort of lovely chocolate skinny scarf for me this fall to wear everyday with everything I own (that is if I finish my holiday knitting in time, otherwise it will be a skinny winter scarf, which in CA works just fine). Lastly, hello, the Knit Picks shimmer? Could you find a more Mel colorway? Cardinal and gold (Fight On!) with chocolate thrown in? Too good for words! I'm not sure what this will become, but I'm watching for patterns and petting it regularly in the meantime.

So, all in all, this was a fantastic package. I feel completely spoiled and adore my SP! Does this wonder of gift giving have to end? Ok, I've rambled enough, off to try and be as good an upstream SP as the one I've got.



spinnity said:

Wow, this is some kick-ass gift giving ability from your secret pal! I like that the brown theme isn't just in the yarn, but reaches into the coffee scented candle and the deep brown Nutella. Mmmm, Nutella.

Christina said:

Wow, that Knit Picks shimmer is beautiful. Now I want some. :) Lucky you to get such a great package from your SP.

~ Christina

Sara said:

So pretty!

Stella said:

Darling, I am so, so glad you loved your package! :o)


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