Happy Halloween!

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Just a quick post to say Happy Halloween to all my favorite ghouls and ghosties out there! As you can see, my coworker and I are already in the spirit. I've got to say, I really love this holiday! My morning started so badly (very long story not worth going into), but as soon as I got to work it got much better. A few laughs about my costume, a photo op and bag of Halloween candy on my desk - including my very favorite peanut M&Ms! It's very key that they have peanuts, the plain ones are just so boring. It's surprising how something as small as a bag of candy and some laughs can change an entire day. So enjoy your holiday folks, I know I will (since there's cake and coffee waiting for me this afternoon at the company party)!



spinnity said:

Way fun! You look about 6 with that big grin on your face. I totally bagged on Halloween this year. Good to know *someone* was having fun.

CatherineG said:

There were only two people dressed up for Halloween at work, myself included. I was a doctor, complete with lab coat, stethoscope, pharmaceutical company-supplied pens and notepads, and, of course, my hair up and with my glasses on to make me look smart. The other co-worker was Uhura from Star Trek, complete with phaser!

julia said:

Nothing to do with Halloween, but I remembered that you were considering putting partial fingers on your wrist warmers. I just saw this pattern for gauntlets and thought it might be useful if you decide to try the fingers.



Sara said:

Isn't it amazing how much better you feel about work when you get to come in costume? Here at work we had a fairy, a prom queen, a housewife (robe, towel turban, slippers, facial mask), a pirate, the Grim Reaper, and the Inappropriately Dressed Employee (dirty, rpped jeans, flip-flops, half-top, etc.), and myself, a witch. Plus we had some co-workers kids: Winne the Pooh, a pirate and a ladybug. How bad can work be when you get to sword-fight with a 4-year-old pirate at lunch?

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