Knitting + Red Wine + Counting in German = Tinking

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I had an hour to kill tonight between returning from the office and going out to dinner, so I wandered down to the bar in the hotel (and I use the term bar very loosely, they've remodeled the lobby to look like a bar, but I was the only person there the entire week, they don't even keep a bartender behind the bar - I'll post pics in the gallery when I get home). Using my best German I ordered a Merlot and pulled out my knitting. I had a small scarf project that fit in my purse to keep me company (leftover yarn from Jen's gauntlets and a modified to be thinner Mimi Very Long pattern). Much to my surprise when the wine arrived I discovered that 'Viertel' was not a winery, but rather meant one quarter, as in one quarter liter of wine (that's 1/3 of a bottle). Guess my German still needs a bit of work. But, I did get what I wanted, which was some red wine.

I decided to work on my counting in German, so I was counting my stitches (1-15) in my head in German as the scarf grew. Well as the hour, and my quarter liter of wine, passed I realized I had gotten completely lost in my knitting pattern. So I had to tink a good three or four rows before I found the spot where I'd missed the yarn over. Needless to say, I think I was trying to do too many things at once. So when sitting in a bar in a foreign country drinking wine I strongly suggest something other than a lace type pattern to keep you company.


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