Woo Hoo the Weekend is Here!

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At long last, it's Friday afternoon and I'm about to bust out of the office for my wild and crazy weekend in Germany! Yesterday was work and dinner at the local South American steakhouse. I must say, I was impressed. The meat was flavorful and actually cooked quite nicely (here they call rare 'English' style, I never knew the Brits liked their meat cooked rare). After dinner we had a lovely stroll through town and back to the hotel. Sleep got the better of me though, so I did not venture out again alone as I had the night before.

Tonight yet another colleague will take us (by us I mean myself and my colleagues from the Penang office that are here too, though one of them leaves tonight and the other leaves tomorrow) out for dinner. I believe it's the local Cuban restaurant. I'm both hesitant and excited about this experience. I'll keep you posted.

Saturday I've got the day to myself, there will be shopping and possibly a train ride, we'll see what mood may strike me. That night I'll be meeting a colleague for dinner and then Sunday another will be taking me on a bit of a tour. Unless I can figure out how to get dial up to work (egads, dial up!) my next post will have to wait for Monday. Auf Wiedersehen!



Hubby said:

Okay, green beans in a burrito is just plain wrong. Glad to hear you're having a good time - remember, the key phrase is 'zwei bieren und ein bretzeln, bitte'.

Marcos said:

Oh Melissa the cuban restaurant??, ow could you go there to eat,,! and me here without cuban food?, oh well, enjoy it and keep on posting. Dad.

CatherineG said:

A Cuban restaurant? In Germany? The heck, you say! But then, I did have Mexican food at a place called Barrios in Cologne last year. My burrito had green beans in it. Green beans!

Have fun and be safe!

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