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Bobbi Bear.jpgHere are two pictures for the day. FOs 1, 3 and 4 (the scarf, the hat and the bear; the scarf and hat are a gift, the bear is all mine) and FO 5 (the Stitch Diva scarf). Is FO 5 too furry? I'm just not sure I like the yarn I carried with the ribbon. As I've got tons of the ribbon left over I'm waiting for some Fizz to arrive in Mink (which is what the pattern originally called for). Then I'll whip one up with that and see which one I like better.
Diva Scarf.jpg



Kent Loop said:

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I'm excited to test this! thx!

Mel said:

Hmm, a fair isle vest huh? I'll have to think about that one, could be good. But it's at the bottom of the queue.

spinnity said:

Ok, well, if the hat & scarf are gifts, then I withdraw my quibble about FO counts. bogie and I vote that the bear needs a fair isle vest.

Mel said:

Thanks Catherine! You can see why he needs his own scarf, it's just such a cute look. Thanks for the vote of confidence on the scarf too!

CatherineG said:

The Ready for Winter Bear is soooo cute! Great job! It looks like he has a mischievous and knowing smile, the little scamp.

Also, your scarf is the lovely and so are you, my dear!

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