Right on Target for Gold

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I must admit that earlier this week when I had to redo part of the front lace panel on my wyvern socks 3 times I feared this Olympian knitting challenge would beat me and the gold would not be mine. There was much cursing and quite frankly I almost threw the damn things away. I also picked up my beautiful new Lantern Moon needles (Christmas gift from the fabulous Grant) and my delicious chocolate BSA alpaca silk (SP gift from the fabulous Yoshimi) in order to abandon the socks and start creating the perfect new scarf (yes, I finally have a pattern in mind for this perfect little ball of heavenly goodness). But my sheer bloody minded stuborness prevailed and I continued with the socks. That lovely scarf will have to wait just one more week.

I can happily declare now that I am a mere 17 rounds from finishing sock number one. This is about one solid hour's worth of knitting left on this sock. If I have this sock done by Sat and I cast on number 2 on Sunday and progress at the same pace with it I will finish in time. So, though I don't want to jinx myself (as I know gnomes will come and drop stitches off my needles and tangle up all my yarn into a giant knot), I must say that the prognosis is good here. It was a rough start, but I think it will smooth out. I've included progress pictures from this week below.

Sat Sock Progress.jpg

Sun Sock Progress.jpg

Tues Sock Progress.jpg



Rebecca said:

Cute! I really should have done shorter socks, then I'd have a gold. Oh, well, I like my knee highs! Thanks for tagging me, I'll get right on that.

Mel said:

Thanks ladies! These have been fun. Sara, the original pattern for these is for Koigu, so if you wanted we could have almost matching socks. :)

Catherine said:

Fantastic! I so very much love the progress photos. I think I may have to knit another hat before I move into gauntlets or socks just to make sure I feel comfortable, but your work is totally inspiring!

Oh, and before I forget: USA! USA! USA!

Sara said:

USA! USA! Go for that gold! I'm thinking that socks may be next for me. I've been sitting on 2 skeins of Koigu for months now and I think I'm finally ready. And your success is inspiring me! USA!

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