1 Ball Down!

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And likely another 4 to go, maybe 5. But I am, at long last, making forward progress on the husband sweater. This cast on 'stuck' and I've finally managed to finish my first ball of yarn. It gave me 6.5 inches of body, which means by my back of the envelope numbers I should have more than enough yarn to finish this project. I might even have a skein or two left over.

I've been practicing monogamous knitting of late, since the blue wavy scarf is done, and it's kind of nice actually. It makes me feel like I'm really getting somewhere with this sweater. I doubt I'll have it done in time for him to wear in the last days of this chilly and wet spring we're having, but I have sworn that it will be done in time for the first cool day of fall.

In other knitting news, I'm thinking of frogging my half of a Tilli Thomas scarf and turning it into a little sweater instead. I'm thinking if I use a really open weave with lots of YOs and big needles I can take the three skeins I've got and actually make them into a short sleeved cropped cardigan. We'll see how it goes. This will be another pulled out of my head design, it should be fun.



spinnity said:

I love the idea of the Tilli Thomas cropped cardi. But where are the PHOTOS of the hubby sweater? Must see, must see!!

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