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A couple weeks ago I purchased a skein of rather luxurious yarn as a splurge. It was just so beautiful it had to follow me home and become a scarf. However, as I started knitting it, I noticed there were a few too many joins in the yarn. Not being at a point where I could just drive back to the yarn store to complain I turned to the internet. I found the website of the company that made the yarn and sent a firmly worded note through their site that I was disappointed that yarn of this level of price and otherwise excellent quality would have so many joins. I was sure this would fall on deaf ears and went about my business.

Boy, was I wrong. Within 15 minutes I'd received an email from the owner apologizing and asking me for my address to send me a replacement skein. She even said she would wind the skein herself to check for joins. I was terribly pleased at the promptness of the response and the genuine concern that came through in the email (series of them actually as I asked her a few questions too).

Today I received my skein, and then some. There was a second skein of a similar yarn and four tasting samples of some of the other yarns in the line all in a lovely silk bag. I must say that it was above and beyond anything I would have ever expected or even hoped for out of a company.

Really, all I'm left saying is wow!



Rebecca said:

I'm going to have to ask you "off-line" who this vendor is so I can buy some of their yarn. They deserve to win new customers with such excellent customer service.

CatherineG said:

What if you just say the vendor's name in Pig Latin? As in, my favorite yarn of choice right now is Anosmay Elday RuguayUay.

Okay, so that last word is really hard to say in PL. Still, you get my drift. ;)

Mel said:

I opted not to post the vendor's name because I didn't want them getting scammed by people that didn't really buy their yarn but wanted freebies. I know, I'm sure it says something about what a terrible person I am deep down that I thought of that at all.

Dad said:

Only you could complain in a "forcefull" manner and come away with extras!! Well done :)

Christina said:

That's great! So who was it (so that we might all patronize a vendor who understands customer service and deserves our business)?

~ Christina

Jeni said:

Isn't it nice to know that some companies still care what their customers think? Good for you, for sending them an email in the first place so they could have the chance to make it right.

Mel said:

Absolutely! Every company will have problems with quality at some point (see how jaded you can get working in the quality department?) - it's how the company reacts to those issues that makes all the difference in whether I continue to use their products.

If they always make garbage and don't care, I'm not going to use their products. If they have a random excursion and do right by it, I'll stick around.

CatherineG said:

Wow indeed! Talk about fostering good relations and (perhaps) a loyal client! That's awesome.

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