Spa Day!

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And I do mean spaaah day. I feel like a million bucks right now. Grant is off traveling the globe for work right now, so I had today to myself (and most of yesterday, as he left in the morning). I decided what better day to splurge and enjoy the wonders of the spa day Grant bought me for my birthday than the day I'm all alone without him. So off to the city I went. It was fabulous! I had 3 hours to kill between my morning treatments (massage and then facial) and my afternoon treatments (mani/pedi) so I even got to squeeze some shopping in too!

Sadly, it rained all day. So I got to spend the travel time between the spa and the shops outdoors in the rain, without an umbrella, as I see no need to own an umbrella in Ca. It so rarely rains here (this last March not withstanding, or last winter come to think of it) and when it does I'm usually either indoors or making a very short walk from my car to indoors. But today it was a good half hour or so walk each way in the rain. Minus the cold it kind of felt good. Though I was happy to get back to the spa and plunk my feet in a nice hot tub to warm them up. I've got a great pair of shoes to show for the outing, so it was worth it.

All in all it was a great day and I've got to say thanks again to my wonderful hubby for providing it for me! Hope you're doing great in Tel Aviv, call again soon love!



Mel said:

This is my 6th winter up north and the only one that was wetter was last year. Besides, in So Cal, it really does usually only rain for about 2 weeks in January, so I'm still a little overwhelmed by all the ick. :)

Christina, on the spa front, I went to Tru Spa (they've got a pretty good website, just Google it). I would recommend it for a personal spa day but not really for a group. The lounge is small and there is no hot tub, dry sauna or steam room. Half the fun of a girl's day at the spa is hanging out in one of those locations relaxing and chatting (at least that's half the fun for me). I will go back the next time I need a good waxing, facial or splurge on a really great pedi, but I'd likely not take more than one friend, it was just too small. But mmm, the Moji-Toe pedi (and yes, it does come with the cocktail in question), my feet are baby butt smooth.

spinnity said:

Ahh, the rubbery relaxy feeling of a spa day. I'm pretty jealous. But.. this whole myth that it never rains in CA? I humbly suggest that you get over it. Winter = rain. Get an umbrella.

Christina said:

Glad to hear you enjoyed it! What spa did you go to? We're thinking of doing a "Spa Day" up in SF for my sister's bachelorette.

~ Christina

Grant said:

Glad to hear you enjoyed it! Israel's great - I'll post more tonight.

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