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No sooner did I read Sara's interesting post today that I found this interesting article. Pretty much sums it up for me.



Jennifer said:

Im eccstatic about the vaccine, I have a friend how got hpv and she's had to endure multiple scares with abnormal pap smears and painfull biopsies and all sorts of crap and she's only 25!Anything that can spare my future nieces and grand nieces this horror I am all for. Screw the Christian Reich.

Sara said:

Since I heard about the HPV vaccine, I've been waiting to see how the anti-choice right would pait it as a bad thing for our children. For Christ's sake, it prevents cancer! Their opposition is just not rooted in reality, and that's why there can be no compromise, no common ground. It's a war for control of our bodies, and for the rights of our daughters to be able to control their own bodies. But some people don't believe that any female should have any control over her body. And I just can't accept that.

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