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This is a little sweater I whipped up for my friend's baby shower. She's having a little boy in July and has decided to name him Marco. This makes me chuckle, since it's so close to my dad's name. So no Dad, when I say this sweater was made for little Marco it does not in fact mean that I'm expecting a boy that will be named Marco, it's my friend's baby.

The pattern came out of my head, though I cribbed bits of it here and there and put them together, so it's not a completely unique design per se. I took the number of stitches to cast on and the sizing from one pattern, added all the ribbing and took the set up idea for the stripes from another pattern. I found the buttons at Knitting Arts in Saratoga and they're just perfect. All in all I'm pretty pleased with how it came out.




marcos said:

oh Lamby I thought it was named for me, why don't you call me soon to 913-9089875???

Rebecca said:

So cute! Everything I make for my little nevvies is in blue and green; they're such nice soothing colors to knit in, and I especially love that soft spring-y green.

spinnity said:

Lovely! I'm so glad you got a picture before the sweater went away to Marco's mom. Wonderful colors for springy baby-ness.

Catherine said:

SO cute! I too love the color combo. Great job!

Mel said:

I agree, it's very bright and happy! I had a hard time giving this one away. Though there is left over yarn, so don't be surprised if Figgy sees a little something in these colors too.

Sara said:

Adorable! I love the color combo.

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