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I decided that I was tired of my 'on the needles' section containing things that were in fact off the needles, if not yet complete. I also realized that I was tired of trying to remember which FO I was on and the utter lack of a 2006 knitting album, despite the fact that we are 5 months into 2006 and I've got 13 FOs to show for the year thus far. So I remedied these things.

On the right you will now find 3 sections pertaining to my adventures with knit goods. 'On the needles' is still there, but it has been joined by 2 friends. 'Off the needles, in the UFO pile' contains projects where all knitting is done, but things like end weaving, blocking, zipper installation, etc still remain. 'FOs for 2006' has also joined the list. Where there is a picture available for the object I've included it as a link.

Yes, I am aware that the vast majority of the objects listed do not in fact have pictures. In most cases this is because the pictures are still trapped on my digital camera. I am also aware that two of the pictures that do exist are awful. I decided, however, that bad pictures were better than no pictures. I will get around to taking better pictures and getting them posted one of these days, I promise.

So for now enjoy the little site revamp. I'll have more pictures just as soon as I figure out which pile at home contains my digital camera (yes the den remodel is still in progress and therefore things are not where they should be).



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spinnity said:

Nice list! It's always good to take inventory. Maybe we should have a zipper installation party for our next 5th Wednesday event. I've got one, has been sitting around like, uh, several years now. :-)

CatherineG said:

I SO need to do something like this, considering I have eight (!) hats plus a scarf that I've finished this year.

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