Yipes! Stripes!

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Points to anyone who can remember what ad that came from.

I finished my first excessively striped project yesterday, a baby sweater. I'll have to post pictures tonight though, because my card reader here at the office went up in a puff of smoke yesterday when I plugged it into my PC (literally, the thing started to smoke and we had to pull it out of the socket really quick as the machine informed me that we'd exceed the power limit of that device). Not sure what caused that to happen though, it worked on this machine in the past.

The sweater is a gift for a former coworker of mine who's expecting a baby boy. Her shower is today at lunch, so once again I finished just in time. I was technically done knitting it two weeks ago, but the ends were just too much for me! I should have woven them in as I knit. It would have looked much cleaner and it would have been less finishing work. I chose not to, however, because I made up the pattern as I went along, and was afraid to cut the ends in case I needed to rip it out and start over (not that I've ever had to do that mind you). Next time I make this (and I likely will, it was just so cute) I will fearlessly cut the ends and weave them in as I go.

I totally recommend the yarn, it is just so snuggly soft! It's Rowan All Seasons Cotton and I love it. Not only is it soft, but it comes in great colors too. All in all I really enjoyed this project. Now if all my prego friends would just hurry up and find out the gender for me I could get cracking on some more cute little goodies.



Brianne said:

"Yikes, Stripes"...... Fruit Stripe Gum!

spinnity said:

Green is nice for all genders... I hope that card reader didn't scrozz the photos, because I Must See the stripey goodness one last time.

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