Wild Turkey! At the Office!

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No, not that kind! What kind of company do you think I work for? Seriously.

At this very moment, in the wild corporate office park I work at, there is a turkey! An honest to goodness live turkey wandering around the rock beds surrounding my building. Do turkeys usually live in suburbia? Why is this turkey here? Did she get lost?

I say she because the turkey is a varigated brown and has a small, light gobbler - which I'm guessing makes it a girl since all the tom turkey shots I've seen are always white and brown birds with red gobblers. I'd show you a picture, but by the time I got the digital camera out the turkey was gone. But it really was there! My coworker pointed it out to me on her way out tonight - I swear!



Jonas said:

Most folks, even hrtuens, don't realize how far a high powered bullet can (and will) travel. I no longer hunt, but when I did, I always made sure there was a hillside behind anything I shot at, and not just open space. There are lots of thoughtful and very safe hrtuens out there but there are also many total idiots out there with very high powered rifles, so be careful.Ron

spinnity said:

Last year, all summer, there was a roadrunner just up the road from your office in Alviso. No one was quite sure how it got there or what eventually happened to it.. probably came down one of the creeks.

The ability to go where they want... or at least to show up unexpectedly is why we call 'em wild birds. Hopefully your turkey lurkey will find her way back to the flock.

CatherineG said:

Whenever I hear a mention of Wild Turkey, I think of that scene from _Thelma & Louise_ when Geena Davis holds up the liquor store and asks for the tiny bottles of WT. Heh.

TheQueen said:

In our area (Saint Louis) suburban wildlife sightings usually follow natural disasters. If you had frogs raining down on your office I'd say you had flooding, but since it was a turkey I have to ask: have you had any forest/grass fires in your area? Or new construction?

Or maybe there's going to be a tsunami.

Sara said:

I saw a wild turkey at my dad's place on Sunday, too! Maybe the turkeys are out in force because it's a full 6 months away from Thanksgiving, and they feel safe.

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