Three FOs, Two Pictures

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At long last I have some FOs to post, including pictures. The first is Charlotte's blanket; I'll be giving it to her when I see her in a couple weeks. It's done in GGH Big Baby and was a pretty fast knit. I more or less followed the Big Bad Baby Blanket pattern in a much larger gauge.

The mystery socks were gifted to Jen this weekend (a very belated birthday gift) and I'm hoping they fit. That's me actually modeling them for you, please don't mind my pregnant knees. I realized I should have taken a close up of the heel to show off its loveliness, alas I did not. So I'll have to sweet talk Jen into letting me snap one later.

The last FO has no picture yet, but I'm very happy to say that it's Charlotte's sweater. So I will be able to give her the sweater and blanket both. I had hoped to finish it before she arrived, but icord edging is slow going. Given how tiny she is, she won't be wearing it for a couple of months anyway, so I guess it's ok. Once it's all washed and dried I'll post a picture, I promise.



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spinnity said:

w00T! Good looking FO's. And the pregnancy knees are sort of a treat also. :-)

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