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So, today being election day, I started poking around the web to do some research on how I want to vote. Some of the propositions are very clear for me, but others are a bit muddy. In my poking around I learned that my state rocks. There is a website with a very nice user interface that allows you to see the campain contributors for every race and proposition.

For example, on Prop 87 if you read the arguments against it the signatures all come from what appear to be concerned citizens. The oil companies most certainly didn't put their names down. However, if you go check out the funding to defeat the proposition and look up the contributors it's a laundry list of oil companies. In the first 50 or so entries I think I spotted one individual (and they weren't sorted by size of the donation).

I've also learned the owner of a major winery is supporting Prop 85. Now that I know this I can take them off of my list of wines to drink or buy. I'm all for voting with my dollars as well as my ballot.

What a wonderful state I live in that I can dig up all this information in minutes. I feel this makes me a much more informed voter and I really do mean it when I say I'm greatful for the transparency of this data. Thanks CA!

Now, go vote folks!



dad said:

well, how did you like our victory,we swept both houses the first tidme our country has a woman as Speaker of the House, that means she is the third in line of command, if something would happen to the President and the Vice President, she would become then President, never, never, never in the history has this happened. Yes little Lamb, we will change things for the better, Loves you, dad and mom.

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