I Heart Malabrigo!

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Seriously, I am in love with this stuff! I started a scarf for a friend of mine for the holidays, but I wasn't loving it. Then I started thinking about my new love and I decided I'd throw some of that into the mix of yarns I'm using in this scarf. Just my luck, Knitting Arts carried the colorway I was looking for. So after taking Jen's wonderful crochet class I picked up my hank and headed home. It sat calling to me with its brothers for a few days until I could get my swift to help me wind it last night.

After much fiddling I hit on a pattern that is perfect for this yarn combo, and wow! This is some of the softess and bounciest yarn I've had the pleasure to work with. It screams cuddly favorite weekend cabled sweater. I swear, I will buy a sweater's worth one of these days (maybe with next year's bonus). I just can't stop gushing, I want to run off and knit with it right now.



Sara said:

Isn't it awesome? I can't wait until after I'm finished with Christmas presents so I can use mine.

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