Yarn Fairy Love

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Well today I've learned that the yarn fairy loves me. The never ending sweater of doom has hit another bump in the road to completion. Despite my best estimates, I ran short on black yarn for the sleeves. I had to frog 2" out of one sleeve to redistribute what I had evenly and then find more black yarn. I'm going to have to alternate this skein in with what's already there.

So I called up Creative Hands (my orginal source for this yarn) in hopes that they might have some of this color laying around. I doubted it as no one really wants Lorna's Laces in solids, let alone black. Her real claim to fame is the multicolor stuff. So I called and at first got an 'I doubt we have that color', but it was happily followed by 'wait, we have one skein here and it seems like it's been kicking around here for a while now'. I'm guessing this is the last skein from the order I placed many moons ago. To sweeten the pot they're open until 9 tonight. Clearly the yarn fairy loves me. Now I have to hope that alternating it in mid sleeve will look ok and I don't have to frog the sleeves all the way back. Fingers crossed!


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