I Spoke Too Soon

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The yarn fairy does not love me, but rather loves to mock me. I purchased said skein last night. It is black. I mean black as night black. The original 3 skeins are more of a gray black. It creates stripes when I mix it in. So the sweater is once again stalled. I need either more black or more camo to finish it. So, should anyone out there have any Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted in Color 708 Camouflage in Dye Lot 1064 and/or Color 16ns Charcoal in Dye Lot 6904 I'd love to hear from you.

I swear this sweater is cursed!



spinnity said:

See socks.. predictable amount of yarn used. Never need more than 1 extra skein for slop. Over quickly...

Good luck finding the missing yarn! I don't have any, I'm sorry to say, but someone must have it!

cindy said:

I feel your pain, but unfortunately have no yarn to save you. Hopefully the KA news above is helpful. Me, I am allergic to the alpaca in the yarn for my dear husband's sweater. I call his "the black fog." So it is slow going and I have been workig on it for almost a year now (I work until the allergy symptoms get to be too much and then put it away for awhile.) Maybe we should stick to knitting socks for husbands?!

Mel said:

Ok, so she just hates this sweater. I can work with that! I'll get back to you on the stonechat! :D

The yarn fairy DOES too love you. Guess what came in at KA today....
Can you say STONECHAT? Let me know asap how many you want me to hold for you.

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