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A while back I either read or heard about the concept of a babymoon. Basically it's a last getaway with just you and your honey before your baby arrives and your life gets turned upside down. I was enamored with the idea from the moment I heard about it. Well my ever so fabulous husband took the idea and ran with it.

Grant planned the whole thing without me and basically just told me to pack a bag. I didn't even know if we were flying or driving. At my doctor's appointment on Friday he even went so far as to write down our destination on a piece of paper to make sure I could travel there, but still not know where we were going. After a mostly clean bill of health from the doctor (I apparently need to watch what I'm eating and start exercising as I've exceeded the dreaded 40 lbs gained point) we were off.

After much ugly East Bay traffic it became clear our destination was either Tahoe or Reno. As neither of us are big Reno as vacation spot fans, I figured Tahoe was a safe bet. I was mostly right, but Grant had one last trick up his sleeve. Rather than stay on the lake, at one of our usual haunts, he booked us a room at The Resort at Squaw Creek. However, the directions he got from Google were a bit off (as he'd somehow typed in Squaw Peak instead of Squaw Creek). We wound up on this back road through some residential cabins, and just as we decided to turn around we saw three bears! I'm not kidding. Three real bears in the front yard of someone's cabin. They took one look at us and wandered off, but it was really exciting. I'd never seen bears that close. They seemed a bit small, so I figure they might have been old cubs, but it was still really cool. I wish they hadn't run so fast, or I would have snapped some pics from the safety of the car.

After some detouring we found the resort and checked in. It was absolutely perfect. We had a lovely suite overlooking the valley and the whole weekend was wonderful. We relaxed and ate and walked around the village and generally did nothing. Saturday night was a romantic dinner overlooking the bonfire outside. I had elk, it was very tasty, though I think I would have been hard pressed to tell it wasn't beef. Today we were going to drive around the lake before coming home, but it had dumped snow over night, so we woke up to a winter wonderland outside and a very snowy Rover poor Grant had to clean up so we could drive home. We skipped the lake drive and headed back just in case the weather decided to dump enough to close the roads.

It was an amazing weekend and I cannot thank my sweetie enough for planning it all right under my nose!


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