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It just dawned on me that I uploaded a picture of Charlotte's sweater, but never actually put it in the blog. So here it is.




spinnity said:

Oh, it came out sooooo cute. The i-cord detail is soooo perfect. You are super knitting genius of creativity.

Mel said:

The pattern was originally the Baby Cardi from Knitting Pure and Simple's website. But I did it all in stockinette and added the i-cord details. I don't remember where the stocking pattern came from, but it was somewhere on the web. I've emailed you with details. :)

Sue said:

I love this sweater. What pattern did you use? I have a new great niece and I would love to make her a sweater like this. By the way, can you share where to find your "little Christmas stocking" pattern. I would love to make some for my daughter's class. Thanks and have a nice holiday. You can just email me the information if that is easier.


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