How Sweet It Is

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I'd just like to say that 2007 is shaping up to be the best year ever. I know we're only 1 day in, but it was a fantastic day! It was filled with college football and yarn and candy - how much better can it get?

USC once again sent U of M home crying after beating them in the Rose Bowl 32-18. There are two absolutes in my college football world, USC is my team and always will be, win or lose I love those guys, and I always take pleasure in U of M losing. I spent a year in Michigan and it was not a pleasant one. There were some good people there, but overall it sucked. So my life long despising of U of M was born. Being a So Cal native the Rose Bowl for me is the only real bowl game out there. As they say, it's the grand daddy of them all. So it was just perfect to see my favorite team wallop my most hated team in my favorite bowl game. A perfect storm of football goodness.

On the yarn front I've got my first FO for the year already! It is a lovely Malabrigo stocking cap for Grant. It's rather plain, but it's what he wanted. The subtle variation in the color from the kettle dying process is just gorgeous though. And even stockinette is somehow more wonderful when done with Malabrigo.

I hope everyone had a wonderful January 1st and that the rest of your year is filled with joy!



Jen said:

Meanie! Go Blue!

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