An Emergency Hat

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Last week I started my maternity leave, as my doctor and I agreed that commuting 50 miles round trip a day wasn't in my best health interest. So I had the week to putter around the house and run errands alone, as Ziggy has decided he's not going to come out any time soon. Friday, for no apparent reason, I woke up gripped with a need to make him a newborn hat. I just had this feeling he was coming and I needed the very first hat he wears to be one I made him. So I whipped up this little number in a couple hours Friday afternoon.


You can see it's being modeled by my ball winder. I'm hoping to be able to show you it on a cuter model soon. In the meantime, for a little dose of cuteness to end this post, here's a shot of Fishy in his new bed. It sits on our desk between the two monitors and he loves it.




Well, I guess that's one perspective. Not quite sure you have it right though.

Marie said:

Very cute! I'm going to have to make my sister knit that for my kiddos.

BTW - I'm Catherine's sister. I found you through her blog.. Hope you don't think that's creepy!

dad said:

Melllissa, that cat lives better than anyone....he is like the King.

Christina said:

Cute hat! I'm happy to hear you were able to start your maternity leave. No baby for me either yet. The waiting is hard, but then again, some free time right now is nice. :)

Best of luck!

~ Christina

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