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My fabulous upstream SP sent me some goodies last week and I finally have a spare moment to blog about it (yes, Ziggy is actually napping all by himself in the cosleeper right now, alert the media). I received a large box with some very cutely wrapped goodies.

sp gift.jpg

Inside the wrapping paper were some very decadent goodies - dark chocolate with almonds, a tea sampler and a hank of oh so fabulous Malabrigo.

open sp gift.jpg

The tea and chocolate have been consumed and were wonderful. The color cards are being filed away for future yarn buying happiness. The cuticle balm is really nice stuff. But, the most fabulous part, the yarn, is already a work in progress. I decided to cast on a modified version of Jen's Manitou Passage scarf. I'm doing 12 stitch cables instead of 16 and I skipped the border all in an attempt to make it thinner (I like a thinner scarf) and maximize the length I'll be able to get out of one hank. Pics soon, I promise.

I have also decided to post a picture of my almost finished Ziggy sweater. All I need to do is weave in the ends under one arm and I'm done. It looks like I did pretty good with the sizing too, it almost fits him. Given the rate he's growing, it should fit perfectly in about a month, which makes me really happy, as I did plan on this being a sweater for this spring.

zig in sweater.jpg



spinnity said:

Awww, baby sweater! Good to see you online, even in fits & spurts. Been missing you - when can we come visit again??

Jen said:


IPickStickChick said:

Oh, what a cute sweater! And what a cute baby!

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