Keeping Up Life Online is Hard

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At least, it is with a newborn in the house. I never realized quite how much time I really spend online or how this is my primary means of communication with so many people, until we brought Ziggy home. Everyday I wake up and think to myself that today will be the day that I respond to all my emails piling up, check in on the Knitty board, read bloglines and blog a little. But it never happens, as inevitably I'm interrupted by kiddo. So each day I get to read a little and never quite write up anything. Heck, I've got a knitting post ready to go in my head, and it was going to be done right after this one, but, once again, Ziggy calls.

Fingers crossed he learns to nap alone here soon!



Jo said:

And now you know what I'm not on any of the discussion boards! Yes, babies do that to your life, and yes, it's ok!

dad said:

yeap you are rght Lamby, just think you are just beginning and watch out anotherone mght be popping out sooner than you mght spect....and then t's 2, but I think you will stopat 3. Love...Dad

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