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So all around the web right now chicks are tagging each other with a little pink icon. I must admit I've seen it around and thought, gee, that's a really sweet idea. But I didn't figure it would make it to my little corner of the web, as I'm not one of the famous bloggers with tons of readers. But, much to my surprise, the ever so sweet Mel (gotta love the name) tagged me. I've got to say, I was grinning and blushing when I read her post earlier. It would appear that I am now a Rockin' Girl Blogger.


Thanks to the wonder of the web I've made so many new friends all over the world. It's so amazing to be able to peak into the lives of all these great folks. Not only that, but the kindness is overwhelming at times. I know Mel because she was my downstream SP from a Knittyboard swap a few years ago. I mean, how crazy is that? Some random person I'd never met before was sending me gifts and I was sending them to some other random person. All this time later, we're still in contact. Man, I love the web. Critics say it keeps people isolated, I completely disagree. I say it brings people together. So without further ado, I get to tag 5 girls I think should be Rockin' Girl Bloggers.

Jen of 144 Inches of Icord - my wonderful upstream SP from that same round. She's honest and funny and has some great patterns she likes to share. I also enjoy her non-preachy posts on religion; they're very insightful.

Jen of Craft Kitten - the master of crochet. Her Amigurumi figures are amazing. Ziggy loves the Hobbes she made him. I know her offline as she also happens to be Sara's sister - the craftiness runs deep in that family.

Sara of Handy Crafts - she is a crafting goddess. You name it, Sara can make it. It doesn't hurt that she's also one of my best friends offline too. We've become adults and started families together and that's pretty darn amazing.

Catherine of So That Happened - my link to life in L.A. She's witty and has wonderful adventures with Mr. Bear. She's also prone to making me hungry, as her food photos are great. Yet another one of my wonderful friends from 'SC.

Spinnity of Spinnity Knits - my knitting mentor. She's the one that finally convinced me to pick up the sticks. She is the best knitter I know and has the stash to prove it. She's also the ring leader of Ziggy's Nor Cal village, for which I'm so greatful.

Thanks to all of you for brightening up the web!



Jen said:

Sweet! :) Sorry I'm late! :) Thank you!!!

spinnity said:

Woot! If the blog is a rockin'...

Wow, Mel, thanks oodles. I will try to live up to that billing. I guess I'd better get blogging!

Catherine said:

Aw, thank you! You know I think you are totally rockin' - I'm flattered you think the same of me. :)

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