It Fits or Requiem to a Scarf

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I love summer vacation. Sadly, when you're an employed adult, summer vacation is usually not very long. For me, I always think of the 4th of July in Tahoe as my summer vacation. This year was wonderful. We lounged around the condo for the week with the general attitude of eat, drink and be merry! Ziggy had much fun splashing in the pool and playing with all the new toys and new activity quilt from Grandma and Grandpa.

Of course, during all this relaxing, much knitting was done. I finished Clue 1 of MS 3 (which has already been posted). I finished the Dream Swatch I was working on in that beautiful silk (no pics yet). Sadly, it didn't come out as long as I had hoped. So I have a third 'scarflet'. I made progress on the re-knit of the cabled silk rhapsody scarf. Most importantly though, I made progress on the HSD.

I'd like to ask for a moment of silence while we honor the fallen scarf. Though I tried many ways to save it, and find another source of matching camo yarn to continue the HSD, in the end I failed. The scarf was frogged so that the sweater could live. Thank you dear scarf! You kept Grant warm in Ithaca when he needed you. Now take comfort knowing that you'll be reborn from the skein of camo that sort of matched and that your yarn lives on in the HSD.

I finished the body and both sleeves up to the join at the underarms thanks to the yarn I got from the scarf. Once we got home I attached the whole thing and made Grant try it on. For the first time ever in the history of the HSD the damn thing fit! The body is the right width, the sleeves are the right length. I can breath a sigh of relief knowing I should have enough yarn to finish this thing. Though, of course, it is in the mini-frog pond at the moment because I don't like the way the decreases are looking with the pattern stitch. So I'm going to have to 'unjoin' the sleeves and body and try a new decrease. This will take some tinkering, but I'll find a way to make it work.

After all the grief this thing has given me, frogging back about 6 rows to play with decreases is nothing. There is hope that Grant may just be wearing this thing by fall. If my notes are good enough there's also a chance I'll be doing something with this pattern too. Woo hoo!



spinnity said:

Dude. Where are the photos?? Where?? Blanket? Dream Swatch? Manitou? HSD????? Show me the photos! ... please?

Congrats on HSD progress! I'm glad you guys had fun in Tahoe. I can't wait till next year when we can watch Viv & Mark both have fun in the water.

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