The Oddity of Ravelry

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So Ravelry is kind of weirding me out. My real life friends are now converging with my virtual knitting friends and it is just odd. I've been thinking about this and I realize I have 3 online personas. There's plain old me that writes this blog and chats with real life friends via email and Facebook. There's Stick Chick, my knitting self that wanders the Knitty board, Mag Knits and Ravelry in search of patterns and knitterly friendship. Lastly there is my WoW face that roams WoW questing with Grant, Jen and our online guildmates (none of which know our real names).

Up until Ravelry all three of these 'girls' were separate entities. But now I'm getting a bleed over between plain old real me and Stick Chick. I'm not sure how much I like it, and I'm also not sure why that is. Why is it I want to keep my online knitting life separate from my offline knitting life? Whatever it is though it's the same reason I'm not adding the WoW add on to my Facebook account.

Any of you out there with other online faces feel this way?



spinnity said:

I have a separate Yahoo account for gaming.. and another one for work. I've got a gmail account for my birding & much of my commerce. So I'm set up for different personae and I keep them mostly separate. That's why almost no one can IM me during the day - that time is for work.

Weirdly, I usually enjoy it when I open the curtains between parts of my life... but I usually do it one person at a time, not in a big reveal. Maybe that's the difference?

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