The Sting of Rejection

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It's official. My pattern submission was rejected. It's really been bumming me out too. As a kid, I rarely lost at anything. My room was filled with trophies. I landed a great scholarship at USC. I even landed almost every job that actually called me in for an interview. So I kind of take these little failures very personally. I'd been moping about over this, until my dear friend Sara inadvertently pulled me out of the dumps.

You see, the pattern I submitted was for my Bliss Blanket (named for the recipient). Sara posted a shot of little Viv sleeping so sweetly under the blanket. This of course reminded me that the whole point of this blanket was not to get it published, which was really an after thought, but rather to send a virtual hug to a sweet little girl. So thanks, Sara, for reminding me of why I made the blanket in the first place!

Here's a shot of it at the park at the baby shower.
Bliss Blanket.jpg

If you want to see little Viv snoozing away, which I highly recommend, check out Sara's post.



mel said:

You're right, that beautiful sleeping little girl is way better. But I'm sorry to hear that it didn't get picked up - what a great blanket, I love it! There are definitely other avenues, including your own blog, so don't give up, it's a great design and should be shared.

Jo said:

Bummer about the blanket pattern submission. But, it's still a beautiful blanket, with a beautiful and happy recipient. Personally, I'd love a copy of the pattern!

Christina said:

Well I think the blanket is awesome! Nice work!

~ Christina

Sara said:

I'm sorry the blanket didn't get picked for publication this time (remember that there are a plethora of publication opportunities, so just because one doesn't work out, don't let it get you down). I love the blanket -- it's so nice and stretchy that Vivian can't kick out of it (like she does with every other one!).

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