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The blog has been quiet of late because things have been a zoo. Work is crazy busy all of a sudden and so is home life. We had a trip to LA to see Viv and her folks, then a weekend off, then it was off to Annapolis for Susie's wedding and now back to LA to see Grandma G and Great-Grandma B. We had so much fun at Susie's wedding that it's making me seriously homesick for all my friends. There were four of us that were in the same 3rd grade classroom and for the first time all four of us were together with our husbands in tow. We've all been to each other's weddings, but we've never had the boys all in one place. Along with the four of us from grade school we had a couple more friends from junior high there too. We were up way too late both nights and it was just fantastic. I love these guys so much. If only we didn't live scattered across the country!

As we were crazy busy getting things ready for the wedding, and then enjoying the wedding, I got very little knitting done. So I've decided to make up for it with a frenzy of knitting on this road trip. Hence the over packing. Right now I've got the ability to work on 7 different projects on my road trip. Yep, 7; because I cannot commit to just oh say 2 or 3. No, must feed the easily distracted ooh look shiny knitter in me.

The HSD will be finished on Sunday's drive home. 5 hours with lots of daylight is good HSD time. I made major progress on it driving home last month, so I am sure I can finish it this drive. It is actually finished, but I don't like the looks of the shoulders or my short rows, so I'm ripping back and trying again.

Along with the HSD I've got yarn to make some gauntlets for my sis for her birthday, a hank of Malabrigo that I think will be a hat for Ziggy and the first half of a second modified Manitou scarf for me (I've got the second hank in this color at home), my never ending MS 3, yarn for the Secret of the Stole (though I don't think I'll start this, as I'm not really into the design so far) and my new BSA eyelet cardigan. I figure it's ok to start working on a sweater for me as I'm going to have HSD done before I finish this cardigan.

I've got a very full knitting bag for this trip. Good thing I only had to pack a couple tshirts and some jeans to wear. Hooray for a relaxing road trip weekend with family!



holly said:

That sounds like my kind of packing! I hope you made great progress - you'll have to post pix of the completed HSD. Come to think of it, I'm knitting one of those, too! I started the Secret of the Stole. I'm not too fired up about the pattern yet, either. If I don't get a little more excited by the end of clue 2, I will probably rip it out.

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