Taming the Monkey

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I've had a knitting monkey on my back for about two years now, the never ending HSD. It's been frogged and tinked and reknit more times than I can remember at this point. I really did finally stop keeping track. In order to motivate myself to finish it I made Grant a promise. I swore I would not knit myself a sweater until the HSD is done. This has been such torture for me, as I have all sorts of beautiful yarns stashed away to make sweaters for me. So I have instead cheated and made all sorts of other goodies (hats, scarves, blankets, baby sweaters) in order to avoid working on the HSD.

But all this changed last weekend. We took a road trip to LA to meet the beautiful Miss Viv. It was a great trip. We ate and drank and cheered on the Men of Troy. We have video of our kids meeting each other for the first time. We're all still a bit agog at the thought that we now have kids in tow. Sunday we went to Portos, the best Cuban bakery ever; I grew up going there with my Grandma when they were a tiny store front in Glendale, now they've got two massive locations and lines out the door. After a quick trip to the yarn store next door (tell me again why I don't live in LA) we hit the road.

On the long drive home, filled with lots of sunshine and nothing to do, I hauled out the HSD and decided to tackle the decreases. Decreasing in linen stitch is not the most straightforward thing to do. I tried the good old K2tog and SSK a while back and it looked like crap. Which is why the HSD was stalled this most recent time, I needed to frog those rows and try again. But this second time around I got it. The decreases are exactly right. Things are progressing again!

So armed with my trusty Elizabeth Zimmerman for guidance the design of the upper sweater continues. I've got to say, EZ is brilliant, but she is not for beginners. At least, not the section on sweater design. She assumes you know a lot and just gives you the basic framework. I personally love this, but it does mean you need to have a clear focus when trying to use Knitting Workshop.

Grant tried on the sweater two nights ago and it still fits. Boosted by that and the decrease success I'm now a woman on a mission. I will tame this sweater monkey on my back and I will finish the HSD. I'm on the last ball of yarn (that fateful little green ball that started this whole thing). He will be warm and snuggly by winter and I will have my first pattern to sell. Keep your ears open for the call for test knitters.



mel said:

hehe! Tad's sweater gets held over my head (in fun) constantly over here. I haven't touched it in months, but I would really love to finish it by the end of the year.... I had to try to convince him to frog and re-start on another project (one that will be more fun to knit!), and I think I've done it :)

Jo said:

I'm glad you're back on the HSD. Hey, men are bigger than babies. You can knit baby about 10 for the time to knit the HSD. So who can blame you?

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