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Though I have a blog, the vast majority of my tech support is done by my husband. That said, my poor husband is overworked when it comes to matters of the interwebs. Despite this, and because he is such a wonderful guy, Grant agreed to help me launch Stick Chick Knits.

I'm creating Stick Chick Knits as a way to break off the working nature of this blog (the patterns I'm chugging away on and planning on publishing) from the personal nature (pics of Zig and my travels and other ramblings). I was happy to let scknits (yes, it's a nod to both my Knittyboard name and my alma mater, yay) languish in the background for quite a while as I tinkered with my patterns. But now things are picking up speed and I really wanted to get something out there. So today I made interwebs! I borrowed some code Grant wrote, adapted it to my needs, created an image (bonus points to anyone that can name the yarn, including colorway, used), figured out how to use ftp through the run command line in Windows and put the dang thing up.

So now there is a tantalizing little image telling you Stick Chick Knits is on its way to becoming a real live website! It's not much, I know. But I kind of feel like this is the interwebs equivalent of that first scarf that actually turned out right. It might not be the perfect yarn and the stitch pattern might be basic, but it doesn't unravel and it can be recognized as a scarf. So go see my interwebs scarf!



BigAssDolls said:

What is the captcha code? Please provide me captcha code codes or plugin. Thanks in advance.

Mel said:

Strange! Well the actual address is scknits.com - so you could type that in your address bar. Wonder why it doesn't work for you, but does work for Sara and myself?

Jo said:

OK, I'm clicking on the link and getting nothing :(

Mel said:

We have a winner! Though I'm not sure if it's because Sara knows my yarn lust so well or knows her yarn so well, could be either. I'll be sending a hank of something orange and snuggly her way regardless. :)

Sara said:

Malabrigo Stonechat? And congrats on your interwebs scarf!

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