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I've been on a yarn diet. I have so many lovely yarns in my stash that never get love and just sit there collecting dust, so I decided that it was time to knit them up. My goal is to work almost exclusively from what I have on hand or if I do make a purchase it is for a specific project that is being cast on immediately (*cough* Christmas gifts). That said, sometimes you've just got to splurge a little, especially when it's something you've been waiting for.

Jo over at Baywood Yarns made the most gorgeous colorway, Autumn Maple. Sadly, she only made it in sock yarn. Now as you all know, I love to make socks, but hate to wear them. So really, what good is my perfect colorway in yarn for an object I won't use? Not to say that that stopped me from buying a skein mind you. But I've been pestering her for a while to please oh please dye some up in another yarn. Something a little fatter that I might actually use to make myself something.

Imagine my happy surprise when she sent me a note to let me know that she did just that! 6 skeins of her Luxury DK in Autumn Maple were off to Nine Rubies. So the other night Zig and I made a stop to pick some up on our way to pick up Grant from the airport. I roamed the store for a bit fondling other yarns (hey, just because I can't buy more yarn doesn't mean I can't pet it) and then decided to check out. Sadly, the credit card machine wasn't working. As I never carry cash (my Visa is tied to my checking account, so why bother), this meant no yarn for me that night. I said I'd come back for it later that weekend.

Well our weekend came and went and I couldn't make it back to Nine Rubies. Something about keeping a baby and a husband entertained. You know how it goes. Mondays are Grant's day with Zig, always have been. So the boys went to run some errands, including going to the bank. Imagine how happy I was that Grant managed to swing by Nine Rubies and pick up my yarn for me! Not only that, he renewed my membership for the year. Seriously, is there a better husband out there? I don't think so! Thanks again sweetie for feeding my habit!


Kameryn said:

I'm so glad that the internet aollws free info like this!

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