Ziggy's First Halloween

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Well I survived the madness of last week and am feeling more human. I stayed up all night on Tuesday (ok, I managed to nap from 6:40 am - 7:30 am before going to work Wed morning) finishing Zig's costume and making as much progress as I could on my own. Sadly, my mummy costume wasn't so great (only because I couldn't finish it, maybe next year I'll start sooner). But I think the R2D2 turned out pretty darn good. Here are some shots of the big night.

First off, Zig showing his stylin' new beanie before he gets his costume on. R2 Beanie 1.JPG

Making himself a little 'snack' before heading out.
R2 Cooks.JPG

Modeling his costume with the help of his favorite day care lady.
R2 Full Costume.JPG

Out on the town with his mummy.
Zig and Mummy.JPG

I'm not sure if Zig enjoyed the night, but his daddy and I sure did.



carrie/ big sis/ auntie carrie said:

i am so excited to have my internet again. zig is adorable, of course i am biased. mommy looks cute too. to me mark is so undeniably your son. i see you all over. i am sure as he grows we will see more of his daddy. i was sure when he was born he was a 50/50 baby. i definately saw grant's chin then. ever since the 2nd time we saw him i saw my little sister all over. even the welts when he got really angry with me for witholding the goods(milk). congratulations on the costumes mel!

mel said:

Mel, Ziggy's costume is so creative, and absolutely adorable - your a good mom :) Yours isn't too shabby either! he!

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