An Odd Shopping Trip

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Yesterday I went to buy my lunch and discovered my visa was missing. This was not good. This is my main credit card. The one that is tied to my checking account (no, not a debit card, a true visa that is set up to autopay at the end of each month). Since this card autopays I use it for everything. I never carry cash. I get points every time I use it, so why bother with cash. Thank goodness I did manage to have enough cash to pay for lunch.

I started racking my brain trying to figure out where it went. I called Grant. We tore up the house, the cars, my wallet, my knitting bag/purse and could not find it. The odd thing was, I last used it on Sunday and here it was Wednesday and there were no extra charges on it. I know, I kept checking online to be sure. So I assumed it was somewhere in a pocket or purse. I'm notorious for carrying nothing but my credit card and stuffing it in a pocket, so maybe I just forgot which pants I was wearing.

Today I noticed a charge that neither Grant nor I made. It was a small one, but still odd. So I called my bank. Turns out that yes, my card had gotten lost somewhere and someone helped themselves to it. But here's the odd thing. The card was used last night at the local grocery store. Several miles away from the mall where it was last seen, but right in my backyard. To make it stranger, I was there at the same time. So my credit card and I were shopping at the same store, but not together. What a small, odd little world it is. And no, it didn't fall out there, as I only took in my wallet, and that had already been thoroughly searched.

Now to begin the painful process of updating all our autopaying bills. Technology is certainly a mixed blessing.

If you're looking for another blog to read about cats and knitting and books and musings on life in general go check out 144 Inches of I-Cord. Jen's a funny gal with cute kitties that I met (well, met online anyway) through a Knitty swap. She's also the one that got me hooked on Blue Sky Alpacas. My knitting thanks her, even if my checkbook doesn't.



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