Not Odd, So Much As A Forgetful Husband

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That mystery charge, that I was sure was fraud, turns out it was Grant. He forgot that he swung by the store while I was out at the pharmacy. So we got new cards likely for nothing. Though since my card still hasn't turned up, I suppose it's for the best. Where is that thing dang it?!

On the super major exciting news front, I'm teaching a knitting class next month! What you can't see right now is me jumping up and down with glee. I will get paid to do what I love. Now, this is not anywhere near quit my day job money, but it's a first step. I put myself out there and it worked. Woot!

This class is in conjunction with the super secret pattern that's been in the works. You might recall the sneak preview from my knitting bag in an earlier post. It has now been knit and photographed and is all ready to go to The Bobbin's Nest Studio. The class came up while Erin and I were talking about the pattern and I realized it would be fun to teach the technique used and she agreed.

So watch this space for more news. Just as soon as the store publishes their class schedule I'll let you know when I'm teaching. As soon as the unnamed online magazine gets back to me I'll let you know where to get the pattern. Off to enjoy some celebratory cookies!


holly said:

Congrats on the class! I'm sure it will be a lot of fun for you, and maybe you can't quit your day job yet, but it's a step in the right direction!

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