Again, Really?!

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Well kids, I'm back in scenic Mexico. Yep, the company decided I needed to head back out here for the same unresolved issue. Whee! On the bright side I'm racking up miles and getting lots of knitting done. Last week I made my second pair of Violetas, which I gave away to Wendee, and this week I'm wrapping up my third and last pair. Turns out you can make two full pair and one slightly shorter pair out of one skein of the Hazel Knits Artisan Sock yarn. Which is good when everyone seems to want a pair. This pair is going to my cowoker, who was supposed to get the second pair. Then I'm off the hook and done knitting these things.

I brought my fair isle scarf with me for a change of pace on the flight home. That's my next hurdle I think. It was supposed to be done back in November. I'm glad scarves don't go out of style, as at this rate my pal will be having to save hers for next winter. After that it's back to my designs. HSD is in the home stretch (as it has been for months) and I've got a new lacy cardigan on the needles that I'm toying with. We'll see how they turn out.

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