A Great Ending to an Awful Week

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Last week just plain sucked. Between work, illness, deadlines and a vacationing day care provider I was at my wits end. But then Stitches rolled around and made it all better. The show was amazing as always. I sadly missed my first class, but made it to my other two. The color class was good, the finishing class was great. I've never made such a pretty neckline! I'm utterly psyched to drag out my orange sweater and finish it once and for all.

I stuck to my personal goals for my shopping this year - only spend birthday money and only buy things you can't get locally. Now technically two of my skeins were from stores here in the Bay, but they aren't stores I regularly visit, so I thought that made it ok. I'll post pics of the yarny goodness later.

The best part of the whole weekend however was the yarn party. I got teary eyed when Erin handed me my name tag and it proudly said - Designer. I had a blast helping around the Nest and chatting with Wendee (Hazel Knits herself) while we tried to send skeins of her lovely sock yarn home with others. Amazingly only one skein (of the most glorious red) hopped into my tote. I was so happy listening to people talk about my pattern and actually want to buy copies of it. Wendee liked it so much she wanted to steal the store sample, so I gave her the extra pair I made in exchange for a new colorway. She's going to be playing with my favorite colors and we'll see what comes out. Even if it just winds up being one lone rogue skein I'll still be happy. And the icing on the cake is that I'm talking to a couple other folks about widening the distribution of my pattern; though the Nest will still be the only Bay area store.

In a fit of motivation after all the fun I came home and loaded Violeta into Rav. Then Grant and I spent a good part of Sunday working on my online store. At this point I'm definitely running in the red, but I just don't care! This makes me happy and that's worth more than money.

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