Are We There Yet?

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Friday my life got BUSY. All was chugging along quietly, outside of the frantic knitting (which really isn't all that stressful as it is something I enjoy), when wham! Work blew up on me and I had Zig's party to host. After a crazy day at work Friday it was time for a crazy weekend of cleaning, hosting and cleaning again. Sis and her family were up for the big event and it was a lot of fun to have them in town, but boy there was a lot to be done. No sooner do I get through the party (which was wonderful and pictures are coming just as soon as Grant gets them on the innertubes) then it's back into work. Namely an o dark thirty call on my holiday Monday.

Then Tuesday things got awful. Zig got to come to work with me since day care is on vacation for the week and my old boss just happened to be in town and was meeting us all for lunch that day. What should have been a fun day of passing boy'o around the office and lunching turned ugly. One of my customers was in crisis mode (yep, the one from the call the day before). So I spent my day on con calls with an angry customer while my cranky child flung himself around my cube. Thankfully there were moments of quiet when some kind coworker would come and take him for a stroll and feed him treats. Lunch was almost perfect, except that Zig wouldn't sit still and my customer actually called my boss on his cell and wanted to know why I wasn't on the next call, that I didn't know about and had nothing new to add to anyway.

Then back to work for more of the same for another 6 hours. Then home to put the kiddo to bed and pack. Yep I had to hop the first flight out this morning to Mexico. So here I sit in Mexico venting on my blog because due to air delays I missed all of the work day today. Here's hoping tomorrow is remotely better.

Oh, and did I mention that I'll be missing my first Stitches West class tomorrow for this fiasco? Yep, sure am. So here's hoping there's something I want to take on Friday that isn't full. I just keep reminding myself that I'll get through this week, then it's all the fun of Stitches West with friends (Jen and Sara will be driving up to go too) and the big yarn party at the Nest including the reveal of my first published for sale pattern, Violeta, and Jeni's new pattern too!

Two more days. Are we there yet?

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