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Zig, the cats and I arrived safe and sound in Seattle on Monday. Thanks to our friends Ryan and Sara I was able to tote the kid, the cats and my suitcases, claim my new home and stay sane. Yay for friends.

On Tuesday Grant and his Dad arrived. Our stuff, however, will not arrive until next week. So we're sleeping on an air bed and sitting on comforters as couches. Living with very little stuff makes me realize how much excess crap I've got. Really about all I miss is my desktop computer and my couches. Well, now that we have internet access that is. It's been a very long time since I went this many days without an internet connection. Some people say the internet isolates us, but actually, I feel the opposite is true.

For me it's a great way to stay in touch with long distance friends and keep up with what they're up to. It's also a great way to make new friends. I've got a new knitting group to go to this coming Monday all thanks to the net. Sure, you could argue that there are better ways to stay in touch and to meet new people. But when you're juggling a family and a new career you're not always free to pick up the phone and chat when you want. Compound that with the fact that your friends and family have lives and suddenly it's very difficult to stay in touch.

So hooray for the internet, it's great to be back!


Miguel said:

- Yea!!! And you have the “long wekneed” to spend in bed, recouping and resting!!! Welcome home Bridges family!!

mel said:

You made it - Hurray!! Welcome back to the internets and welcome to your new home!!! :)

Lori said:

Glad you made it to Seattle ok (and back on line)!

Welcome back to the nets! We did the same thing when we moved across the country just over 2 years ago - air mattress, and I think I had a folding chair - until our stuff arrived a while later. Hope all the unpacking goes well!

Bill Walker said:

HI! glad you're back online!!

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