Messy Saturday

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A while back Mel started talking about Messy Tuesdays. Sounded like fun, but life got away from me. Today we are frantically packing for our big move on Monday and Grant was responsible for everything in the den except my crafting stuff. So this morning I packed up what I thought was all my yarn into a big tub (and some stragglers in the plastic rolling drawers I've got). Feeling good I went on to other rooms of the house. Then Grant called me back to the den.

Apparently, this is all of my crafting stuff (minus the aforementioned yarn). I expected the sewing stuff, but I did not expect even more yarn! Talk about a mess.

My next post will be after the move I'm sure. Be good, have fun and I'll write more next week!


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Good luck! Hope it goes well. See you when you resurface. :)

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