Careful What You Wish For

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I was reminded this morning that there are always two sides to changes in life, the good and the bad, even when it's a change you really wanted. For the last two months I've been actively potty training Monkey (it's time to rename Ziggy, Monkey is by far more appropriate). I never understood all the folks out there that claim you should wait until the child is 'ready' and why it was that so many kids weren't potty trained until 3 or 4. I was potty trained before 2, so was Grant. My pediatrician said he had patients that were potty training their kids at 1.

So I did some research and picked up Diaper Free Before 3. It was written by a pediatrician and mother of 3 boys. I figured those were some great credentials for an author of a potty training book. She's got the clinical side of things, the ability to make sense of the actual medical studies and the first hand knowledge.

I've got to say I loved the book, and so very much agree with it. Now, let me also say that yes, every child is different and will have different needs, but as a whole, I think it sums up the situation rather well. However, I'm digressing from the original story.

Using this book as my guide I've been potty training Monkey. Let me say that breastfeeding was the most physically challenging part of being a mother, and this has been the most emotionally challenging part so far. I have wanted this to work so bad as I hate diapers. They're bad for the environment, bad for my checkbook and not that great for him either. I used cloth when I was home with him, but we fell off the wagon when he went to daycare. So needless to say getting off diapers was my biggest priority now that I'm back home with him.

In the last two weeks it has finally clicked. He is now off of diapers whenever we're at home (nap and bedtime not included yet, though we're getting there). I'm thrilled. He's finally stopped asking to go after he's already wet himself and has started to ask to go before. No more messes!

This morning I learned the dark side of this coin. Grant is out of town for the week, so I'm playing single mom. My hat goes off to all single parents out there that do this regularly. Monkey woke up at 5 am bawling, so I went to check on him. He wouldn't soothe so I brought him to bed (figuring with Grant gone there's plenty of room). At 5:30 am he sits straight up and loudly declares 'POTTY'! Yep, he need to use the potty and didn't want to wet his diaper. So we got up at 5:30 am to go. He went like a champ and then went back to sleep in his crib for another few hours.

So yay, diapers are on their way out, but ugh, I'm hoping 5:30 am potty breaks are not going to become a regular event in our house.


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