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When we first moved to Seattle we decided to get an annual pass to the zoo. After all, it's only a couple miles from the house and we thought it'd be a fun place to wander around. It has turned out to be the best money we've ever spent.

With Grant still out of town, I've had Monkey all to myself to entertain. So we've been to the zoo three times this week. Twice I actually remembered my camera. Allow me to entertain you with the highlights.


On Monday we played at the Zoomazium; it's a big room filled with fake rocks to climb on, two slides, puzzles and random nature bits for bigger kids to play with. They even bring in animals to pet from time to time. The shot above is Monkey playing in the sandbox out back. Below you see him after flinging the sand around for a bit.


Here we go down the big slide, puzzle piece in hand!


After that it was off to see Monkey's favorite animal, the tapir. He gets insanely excited to see these guys. He'll also run around the house saying 'tapir, tapir' in hopes of getting to go see them.


Thursday, our camera free day, Monkey was all about the jaguar and the gorillas, which he calls the rillas. There is a 1 year old gorilla about the same size as Monkey, and the two of them had a lot of fun through the glass with each other. I really wish I hadn't forgotten the camera.

Monkey has a new game. When I get the camera out and tell him to smile he makes crazy faces. I think my next entry may be a series of these faces, they're awesome. So today, at the zoo, it was back to the rillas. This time he was more enamored with the bronze ones than the real ones. Here's Monkey and his bronze friends.





Along with all the animal fun we've been having he's been talking up a storm. I can't keep track of all his words, and we're on to basic 2 word sentences. A couple of today's new words were sleepy and excited. Then, during his bath, he looked at me and said 'I'm careful'. I about fell over in shock. I always tell him to be careful in the tub, because he wants to stand up and wander around, but it was so cool to hear him say it, it's like he was listening. Though we miss daddy terribly and can't wait to pick him up tomorrow night it was a pretty great week for the Monkey and I.


omg, does this sound scrumptious! I'm anxious to try it.

Lori said:

Wow, he is getting so big now!

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