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Renee pointed out in a comment on a previous post that I should post some pictures, and it made me realize it has been a while since I've put some up. So for giggles here are a couple.

I took this shot of Mark on the swings just a couple weeks ago over at Carkeek Park.
Mark on Swing.jpg

A couple weeks ago Grant and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary. Thanks to some lucky timing we managed to roll our anniversary trip into a visit with some friends and a visit with the grandparents. We spent 2 weeks in TX and Mark got to have his first weekend alone with Big Grandpa and Baby Grandma. While they watched Mark we drove up to Dallas to see these guys.

Girls and Boys.jpg

These three girls have been my friends since I was 7. We were actually all in the same 3rd grade class. We went to school together on and off through high school (the school district had some funny policies, so we were split up at various points). Family and life moved us all over the country from high school on, but we've stayed friends. Currently you can find us in Annapolis, Dallas, Huntington Beach and Seattle. Every so often we try to all get together in the same place. This time we even brought the husbands along. It was a fantastic weekend that went by all too quickly.

So in case you wondered where I went, it's been TX and a whole lot of sock designing/knitting keeping me busy.

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