Can't Talk, Knitting

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I knit an entire sock yesterday. From cast-on to bind off in less than 24 hours, including a bit of monkey wrangling when Grant was working. Today it goes off to the photo shoot and my hands can take a break. I swear, after this summer, I think I'm done with socks for a while.

I've got 6 socks in various states of the design/edit/photo/release process. Considering that in the first 12 months of my business (Jan 08 - Jan 09) I manged to get 4 designs out there, that's big for me. I know I'm only taking 10 designs in total to Sock Summit, which isn't much compared to some of the power house designers out there, but I'm pretty pleased none the less. Everyone starts somewhere.

Now if you'll excuse me, another sock is calling my name.


Evaristo said:

Hi Ellen, thank YOU for all your work getitng US organized! You make our contribution easy and fun!

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